Sports performance enhancement helps you achieve the results you want in the fastest possible time by using advanced methods to train your mind. Mind training techniques can help you ensure that every practice or workout is your best, increasing your motivation and determination to stick to a routine, goal setting, eliminating anxiety prior to a competition, and overcoming plateaus. The Two Session Solution of Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale and North Miami, Florida, has over a 90% success rate in helping people achieve the results they want, using the same mental training techniques used by Olympic athletes and top-performing professional and amateur athletes. Using a combination of cognitive, behavioral, motivational, social, and sports psychology together with hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Time Line Therapy® techniques, we will help you be the best you can be.

Our clients include professional, amateur, and weekend athletes all of whom wanted to overcome some limitation and ensure that they performed at their best.

Some of the issues we work with include:

  • Pre-Performance Anxiety/Fear—Do you find yourself anxious prior to a game, match, or competition? Each of us starts out the day with a certain amount of energy but if you waste your energy worrying about the competition, your opponents, etc., by the time you are ready to compete, you feel less than your best. We can help you shed those old patterns of behavior including the anxiety and fear, allowing you to compete confidently.

  • Confidence/Insecurity—Do you lose motivation or enthusiasm over time or during a competition? In a team sport, do you find yourself losing your own motivation it the team is playing badly? Do you find your own athletic performance erratic, sometimes good and sometimes bad? Do you worry at times that you are not good enough and lose your confidence? In each of these cases the problem is in your own mind, specifically your unconscious. We can help you reverse these negative thoughts and allow you to perform your best every time.

  • Plateaus—Have you found yourself limited in what you think you can accomplish? Have you been working out or practicing and have reached a plateau without any improvement? Sometimes the plateau is in your own mind—you go into your workout or practice thinking that since you have not been able to make any headway, maybe you won’t do any better today. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy preventing you from doing exactly what you want. We can help you overcome your plateau by changing your motivation and limiting beliefs.

  • Workout or Practice Intensity/Dedication—Do you find some of your workouts or practices are less than perfect? Each of us has an off day but if you find yourself distracted, losing your focus or motivation, or having trouble ensuring that every workout or practice is your best, we can help. By training your mind and giving you a personal “trigger” that recreates your best workout or practice, you can ensure that every workout or practice is always the best it can be.

  • Self-Limiting Conditions—Improving your game, whatever it is, may involve overcoming some obstacle or limitation you have inadvertently set for yourself (e.g., “I will never be as good as Bob”; “I can't do it that way”), eliminating fear or fear of success, following your training program routine, or learning how to focus yourself on your game. For some people the issue is how you respond in a competitive environment. Our goal is to help you be your best by removing or overcoming these difficulties. We will work with you to determine what you need to do to improve your game and then use one or more methodologies to either eliminate some mental obstacle and/or help to improve your training by creating with you a personal “trigger” that can help you train more consistently with proper form and to compete successfully.

“I had been working out for years and only made limited progress. One session helped me to create a personal workout trigger that helps me ensure every workout is the best.”
Eric R.

“I used to get very anxious before a match and by the time I had to play was partially worn out. Not any more! Thanks.” Tom




Two Session Solution spotlighted for insomnia and sleep disorders on FOX 7 NEWS in South Florida

Two Session Solution’s Basil Papanastassiou profiled on sports hypnosis on Comcast Newsmakers (January 2005).

Two Session Solution’s Burt Borkan on advanced therapy on Comcast Newsmaker (December 2004).


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