An outgrowth of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis is Time Line Therapy®.

Time Line Therapy® is a fast form of brief cognitive behavior therapy based on the premise that who we are and how we behave is based upon all of our experiences and everything we have learned. Because those experiences and learnings and the way we perceive them is stored in the unconscious, traditional therapy that works at the conscious level is generally very time consuming and in many cases ineffective. If we knew what was causing us problems in the present consciously, we would do something about them. Since all of our behavior is stored in the unconscious, we need to work with the unconscious in order to get to the root causes of our problems and behaviors. The Two Session Solution of Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale and North Miami Florida has over a 90% success rate using Time Line Therapy® along with NLP and other therapies to help its clients overcome their issues in only a few hours.

Time Line Therapy®, in practice for over twenty years, is a series of techniques that allows your unconscious to easily release all your negative stored emotions and limiting decisions (such as “I can’t be happy”) in just a few hours, freeing you from your past and allowing you to make the present and future the way you want them to be.

It is our perception of our experiences that colors and determines our behavior today. We are all “triggered” to behave in certain ways based upon past experiences, good and bad. Once you release the negative emotions you felt during an experience, such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, emotional hurt, you can change your perception of those experiences which in turn will change your behavior. We can all remember a time when we felt sad—unfortunately for some people our unconscious not only stores the memory of the sadness but the sadness itself. You cannot be free of your past until you can release the stored negative emotion.

Until you can release the stored negative emotions,
Each of us stores memories and associated events and emotions in a time line in our unconscious and those events and our perceptions of those experiences make us who we are and program our behavior. As your unconscious releases those negative emotions, your conscious and unconscious will also begin to correct the errors in your self-programming that have caused you to create negative patterns in your life, such as thinking that you are not good enough or that you don't deserve success or happiness.



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